Why Woman love a bad guys?


“I should know
That you’re no good for me…” hot and cold-katty ferry

Why many woman (i said many, not all 😀 )love a bad guys? This is the questions that my friend asked me last night. He is (yes, HE asked me!! i dont know the reason why he ask me like that…some problem with his girlfriends maybe 😀 )
Well, i have read about this. One reason why woman loves bad guys because They Think they can make this boy change. You know..many woman think they have “miracle touch” to make the bad guys turn to be “the nice one”.

I will not say its wrong. No, and i will not deny that (honestly) i think the same too ( why oh why?? 😦 ).

But its not gonna work friends 😦 Trust me! Well maybe it work with Victoria Beckham 😀 and the other luckiest girls. But most of them (include me) its not happened… 😦

How about you? Think the same like me? 😦


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